Faculty of Pharmacy

History of the Medical health and science center

The University of Debrecen  was founded in 1912. The Faculty of Medicine was inauguratedin 1918. In present days, Debrecen is still renowned for its outstanding educational resources and institutes of higher education. More than ten thousand students attend the University of Debrecen in each year. The education of pharmacists began within the framework of a joint education program between the University Medical School of Debrecen and the former Lajos Kossuth University with Consent of the National Accreditation Committee and the Higher Education Board in 1996.

The Faculty of Pharmacy currently consists of six departments including the Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics, Biopharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Management. The cooperative collaboration between the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Sciences is an ongoing project and on absolutely necessary step for the higher education of pharmacists in the city of Debrecen

General introduction and mission

The pharmacy education conforms to a great extent of European standards answering at the needs of the 21st century in Health Care. The main goal of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to improve education and to promote the creation of new courses and educational structures in order to rationalize training, and approach the access of the European Union to various fields, including pharmacy education of the health sciences. The primary mission of the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Pharmacy is to serve the pharmaceutical health care needs of Hungary and foreign countries by educating  pharmacists to be able to provide contemporary as well as innovative pharmacy services. The Faculty of Pharmacy offers a dynamic curriculum, which includes a broad base of both didactic and experiential components, enabling the graduate to develop practical skills that will enable him/her to function effectively and efficiently in a changing and challenging health care environment. Consistent with this mission, contribution to the body of pharmaceutical knowledge through scholarly activity and service are also important goals


The research activity  of the six departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy focuses on the structure, synthesis, and development of new antimicrobial therapeutic agents (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry), the formulation and manufacturing of capsules  and tablets (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology), the function and modulation of endocrine system (Dept. of  Biopharmacy), the improvement of management of pharmacy (Dept. of Management), and the function and diseases of the cardiovascular system (Dept. Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics) including arrhythmias, ischemia, infarction, and diabetes. The Department of Clinical Pharmacology focuses on the development of various new therapeutic agents in clinics and in a close collaboration with the Departments of Pharmacy and Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics


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